A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Asymmetris is a falling-blocks puzzle game in which players cooperate and communicate towards clearing the board by creating horizontal lines of blocks. Think 'Tetris' meets 'SpaceTeam'.


1 Windows PC, 64 bit OS

2 Android Devices - Smartphones, Tablets, etc

Wi-fi Connection

Getting Started

Extract .zip and Start Up 'Host App' (Windows Executable called 'Asymmetris_[version].exe') on PC

For Each Player with a 'Controller' Android App*:

Start the App**

Click 'Join Game', then

Click 'Request Seat'

You should now see a new player name show up in an open seat.

*Currently supports 2 Players only. See "Roadmap" for more details about extra players.

**Ensure that the host PC and Android devices all are connected to the same wireless network before starting

How To Play

With two players seated, click 'Start Game' on Host App.

All players should be allowed/able to see the host app. As a new game starts, you will see in the Host App a slowly descending line on a grid. This is called the'line of play' (see image below)and represents the bottom of a piece that is invisible, but is nonetheless slowly falling to the bottom of the grid where it will rest.

These are the possible pieces that might be falling:

One player gets the job of shape manipulation. (Move, rotate, etc.) They will see the currently-falling shape and the controls for affecting it.

The other player gets the job of explaining what those shape manipulation controls do. First, this player must tap on the numbered buttons to figure out which column the shape is in.

The single, big number represents the column the current shape is at, and the arrow-shape represents the direction it is rotated in.

As the other player moves and rotates the shape, these bits of info will update so this player can determine how the shape changes with input and what a possible landing might be.

The two players must communicate in order to figure out a optimal strategy for landing the shape on the board. Clear as many lines as possible by filling them up with blocks and stay alive to succeed!

Roadmap (subject to change)

v 0.1.1 (current) - 2 player prototype

v 0.1.2 - Points tally, high score tracking and restart upon filling up the grid! fix 'initial shape sometimes doesn't spawn on client' bug. fix flow of control for game joining process

v 0.1.3 - better player feedback (buttons respond visually and tactilly, column numbers are shown above host game's grid, etc)

v 0.2.1 - 3 and 4 player mode, difficulty curve adjustments

v 0.2.2 - add 'starting orientation' as a variable, and extend rotation to be variable degrees (0, 90, 180, 270)

v 0.3.1 - fancy graphics and music!

v 0.3.2 - difficulty curve changes, add in 'shape finding mini game' which awards bonus points for lines cleared

v 0.4.1 - 'Tablet Version' of host game with zones for touch input control location randomization

v 0.5.1 - Competitive mode!

v 0.6.1 - Leaderboards!

v 0.7.1 - ?

v 0.8.1 - ?

v 0.9.1 - ?


v 1.0 - PlayTable Version Ready!

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Published 280 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
AuthorLost Generation Games


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